Dr Marcel Jackson

Research interests

My research interests are semigroups, universal algebra and their application. A sample of specific topics of interest include:

    • Finite basis problems for varieties, quasivarieties;

    • Computational complexity and decidability/undecidability, especially for problems relating to finite semigroups/algebras;

    • Semigroups of relations (relation algebras), functions (function semigroups), and their applications in computer science;

    • The theory of natural dualities;

    • Boolean topological algebras/structures.

The most up-to-date version of my publication list can be found here, though Google scholar is probably just as useful.

My La Trobe Scholar page also has up to date information on articles that have appeared, and other professional activities within La Trobe University.

I am one of the group leaders for the Research Group in General Algebra and its Applications, which has hosted a mostly weekly seminar for 20 years.


  • Co-managing editor: Algebra Universalis. (Submit via journal webpage.)

  • Associate editor: Semigroup Forum. (Consult editorial board, and submit articles by email to appropriate editor. I prefer semigroup related article in the areas of my research interests, above.)


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