Sleepy Bay to Wineglass Bay

This the classic Tasmanian coastal traverse. Locally, it's usually refered to as ``The Sea Level Traverse''.

The cliffs along the coast here are big (up to around 250m) and slabby, with exceptionally high quality rock and enormous features (fissures, flakes etc). The coast is quite exposed but frequently calm enough for relatively safe traversing and swimming. There is one main swim required, from the end of Flowstone wall: it's about 50m or so, with a reasonably easy exit onto a gently angled slab with bull kelp. Some very short swims might also be necessary closer to Wineglass Bay, depending on how much genuine soloing you are keen on. For a slightly different kind of experience, one can avoid the swims by bringing climbing gear and doing a climb, abseiling down past the unpassable zawns.

The traverse is pretty much a full day adventure, although it can be done in around 5 and half hours, including a run along the road from the Wineglass Bay carpark to the Sleepy Bay carpark. As usual, drinking water is an issue: some slow drips might be available in a cave between the Gonk and Flowstone Wall, but that is about it.

Hamish Jackson beneath Flowstone Wall.

Flowstone Wall as seen from the top of the gonk. The main swim is from the base of the skyline to the point just showing behind it. The picture to the left is of the overlap at the base of the main wall, just out of the shadow.